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Cactus Bowl

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Send beautiful living cactus plants in a stylish concrete vase today

This beautiful terrarium is a few different kinds of cacti plants beautifully displayed on top of black and white pebbles in a quality concrete vase vase. 

Cactuses last exceptionally well in all environments and love sunlight.

1: Water only when the soil has fully dried

Because cacti are made for retaining water, you can water them less than you would other indoor plants. Wait until the soil in which they’re planted is completely dry before you add any more water. In a humid climate like Gold Coast City’s in the summer, watering once every few days should suffice. Keep an eye out for overwatering by watching out for the stems constricting and turning black.

2: Give them light—but not direct midday sun

While it can be difficult in an indoor setting, it’s important to give your cactus garden natural light. Cacti can tolerate full sunlight but with our climate it is best to avoid the midday sun. Indirect light to direct, so a spot in a nice, bright room near a window would be perfect.

3: Re-pot your cacti every year

Like many plants, cactuses will do better if they are re-potted occasionally—once a year should be perfect. This allows them to continue growing without sacrificing the root structure. 

PLEASE NOTE: cacti varieties may vary

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