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Looking At The Meaning Behind Funeral Flowers Part 2

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When someone is going through the grief and loss associated with losing a loved one, it can be hard to express your feelings and condolences. Few methods are as effective and meaningful as flower arrangements for those who are mourning. Your choice of flowers will do much to symbolize your wishes and feelings during these tough times. Botanique is your source for top-quality flowers along the Gold Coast, offering everything from candies and beer to amazing gift hampers and more. Our flower company aims to provide the best online flower delivery services to help you send and receive love and comfort with style and convenience. Today, we’ll continue our look into funeral flowers and the meaning behind each type. If you are in need of quality online flowers that come with a vibrant display and expert assistance, be sure to shop Botanique today.


These colorful flowers aim to brighten a person’s day when they are in the midst of unhappiness or grief. Tulips are great representatives of grace and elegance, brightening any room they are placed in. They also represent starting fresh, which means they are ideal for encouraging loved ones during these trying times. The assortment of dynamic color options can also be utilized to express how you feel, delivering a specific intention with your flower delivery:

  • White tulips represent compassion and forgiveness.
  • Purple tulips aim to represent royalty.
  • Yellow tulips work to represent optimism and cheerfulness.
  • Red tulips, similar to other flowers, represent love and compassion.


This pretty option may not be as flashy as other floral arrangements, yet it is the thought behind the gift here that counts. Hydrangea plants are durable, delivering color and encouragement during this grieving period. When the recipient is ready, they can plant this plant outdoors for long-term enjoyment as well. Hydrangeas are simpler flowers, representing genuine gratitude and open honesty. This flower arrangement might be the perfect option for your needs.


Based on where you are globally, this flower is used for a variety of purposes and intentions. The United States utilizes chrysanthemums for cheer and hope, delivering a morale boost to those that are grieving. Countries such as China utilize this flower in white to represent grief in its purest form. A number of European countries are known to utilize chrysanthemums solely for funeral purposes, delivering the message of loss and grief in many cultures. Australians take a more positive approach with chrysanthemums, delivering them while they come into season on Mother’s Day. Males in society can also wear one in honor of their dear mothers. Based on the color, you can deliver a number of sentiments and emotions with a chrysanthemum arrangement.


These classic beauties are ideal for expressing sympathy to a loved one. Regardless of the color, orchids symbolize everlasting love, providing a permanent symbol of love from the giver to the receiver. It is important, though, to think through which color you want to give an individual dealing with grief:

  • Pink orchids represent grace and innocence.
  • White orchids bring innocence, elegance, and beauty.
  • Purple orchids are the same as their tulip brethren in that they represent royalty and respect.
  • Red orchids symbolize love and courage during these tough times.
  • Yellow orchids are meant as a sign of happiness and a fresh start.

Finding the perfect flower to express how you feel or the sentiment you want to impart on a loved one is vital when dealing with funeral proceedings. From loved ones to family and friends, everyone can benefit from an uplifting arrangement of stunning flowers. Botanique is proud to deliver a comprehensive inventory of gift hampers and flowers to Gold Coast customers, featuring expert advice and same-day delivery. If you need funeral flowers to express your feelings, be sure to shop online today or contact us for answers to any of your questions.

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