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Looking At The Meaning Behind Funeral Flowers Part 1

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Death is an inevitable event that is said to be as consistent as taxes in our lives. When you or a loved one are in the midst of grieving, it can be hard to take solace from any tangible goods. Funeral flowers are a recommended choice for portraying to the deceased how you feel and care for them and the right type of flower or arrangement you deliver can help to portray this sentiment in a final farewell. As a top provider of flowers along the Gold Coast, Botanique is here to help those who are grieving find the perfect expression of emotion for such a sad time. Our florists are here to help you everyday and provide the best flower arrangements available. Today, we’ll look at the meaning behind some of the most common funeral flowers and how our Gold Coast flower shop can help. We understand that this can be a tough time, but we’re here to help you find the flowers you feel would best represent your feelings.


These bold beauties come in several colors and are often used to make wreaths and other flower arrangements for the funeral. Carnations are affordable and customizable, giving the buyer the power to create their ideal combination. Your intended message will center around distinction and love. The color of the carnations will help to provide further meanings, with dark red symbolizing love and affection to pink for its symbol of gratitude. White is another choice that represents purity and rebirth during this grieving process.


This flower is perhaps one of the most popular choices for funeral arrangements. Lilies come in several different colors, yet it is commonly accepted to utilize white due to its symbolism. The white lily describes purity, innocence, and restoration for the soul once it has separated from its physical body. Lilies in general are ideal, yet certain varieties can alter the overall impression you are trying to give. Our Gold Coast flower company is here to help with every aspect of your floral plans.


This flower is well-known for its versatility in many different situations thanks to its strong variety of colors. Roses are very effective at expressing feelings and emotions at funerals, but like the carnations, the color choice can change the sentiment entirely. White is useful for representing purity and innocence while those that bring a dark pink rose are aiming to express gratitude to the deceased for all that they have done. People who have lost a close friend can give a yellow rose to symbolize the importance of their friendship. There are several colors that are not commonly used at funerals, which is why it’s always recommended to visit a local flower shop for advice.

Finding the ideal flowers to represent your feelings during this time of grieving can be a difficult process. Next time, we’ll cover a few more types of flowers and their meanings to give friends and loved ones of the decease a wide variety to choose from. Botanique is here to provide the best flowers to our Gold Coast customers. With convenient online flower delivery and informative staff, we’re able to provide anything you need when it comes to flowers. Feel free to browse our selection for the funeral flowers you need or contact us today for assistance.

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