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Orchid Flowers for Gold Coast Delivery Australia.

SINGAPORE AND MOKARA ORCHIDS ARE CURRENTLY IN VERY SHORT SUPPLY DUE TO COVID-19 - WE CURRENTLY HAVE ZERO STOCK. All arrangements with these types of orchid in them will be substituted with a similar flower. 

Orchids we are able to source at the moment are cymbidium orchids cut stems and phalaenopsis orchid plants - call for availability. 

Orchids are one of the most unique looking flowers out there, they are beautiful, long lasting and stunning either by themselves or complimented with other flowers. They tend to have a shorter stem so they are best kept either in a boxed arrangement or in a short vase. Varieties include the popular Singapore or Dendrobian orchid, Mokara or Vanda orchid, stunning phalaenopsis or moth orchid and not to forget the very seasonal cymbidium orchid which is only in flowers during winter and early spring.


Looking for one of the most colorful flower arrangements out there? Orchids just may be the answer for you! Hailing from one of the two largest families of flowering plants, the orchids have cultivated a major following worldwide. Featuring crisp whites, luscious reds, or dynamic violet hues, orchids are the perfect answer for nearly every occasion, whether it be a holiday wreath or wedding bouquet. If you are searching for some of the most versatile Gold Coast flowers, be sure to browse our stunning collection of orchid arrangements. Botanique is proud to be your source for online flower delivery with the freshest, most original cuts available. Shop below or contact us to see if we can craft the perfect product for you!