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Flower Availability Chart

Flowers Available for Weddings and Special Events. 

Flowers we can supply for weddings:Freesia, Hyacinths,  Lily of the Valley, Iris, Narcissus, Daffodils, Earlicheer, Jonquils, Paper White Jonquils, Pearl Jonquils, Sweet Peas, Tulips, Ice Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Violets,  Spray Roses, Roses Glasshouse, Garden roses, David Austin Roses, Sim Carnations, Spray Carnation, Moonshadow Carnations, Chinensinies carnations, Carnations, Alliums, Alstroemeria, Amaranths , Anemones, Arabs Eyes, Green Goddess, Arum Lilies, Asters, Belladonna Lilies, Bouvardia, Bulrush, Callicarpa, Calla Lily, Campanula, Chrysanthemums, Glasshouse Chrysanthemum, Disbud Chrysanthemum, Clethra *Flower, Chincheree, Cornflower, Cockscomb, Curcuma, Daphne, Delphinium, Echinacea, Flannel Flower, Gerbera, Godetia, Gladioli, Globe Thistle, Gloriosa Lilies, Grevillia Flower, Gymea Lily, Hellebores, Hippeastrums, Hydrangea, Kale, Larkspur, Liatris, Lilac, Lavender, Liliums, Lissianthus, Love in the Mist, Molluca Balm, Nerines, Paeony, Pineapple Lilies, Poppies, Queen Fabiola, Ranunculus, Rhododendron, Stephanotis, Sandersonia, Scabia, Sea Holly, Sedum, Snapdragons, Stock, Sunflowers, Trachulium, Tuberose, Zinnia, Water Lily, Flowering Gum, Camellia, Clethra Foliage, Dusty Miller, English Box, Gardenia, Garrya Eliptica, Green Beech, Gum Fine, Mini Spinning, Nutty, Spinning, Holly Green, Holly Variegated, Ivy Trailing, Ivy Bunching, Berry, Jasmine Vine flower, Laurel, Lemon Myrtle, Magnolia, Nandinas, Oak, Pittostrum, Red Myrtle Foliage, Rhodo Foliage, Scented Geranium, Spruce Foliage, Steel Grass, Cherry Bush, Xmas Bush, Banksia, Baxteri, Burdettii, Coccinea, Manziessii, Praemorsa, Hookerana, Prionotes, Prionotes Candles, King Protea, Queen Protea, Pink ice Protea, Repens, Smoky Joes, Grandicolour, Cordifolium, Leucodendron discolour, Galpini, Blushing Bride, Sparsa, Dryandra Formosa, Dryandra Quercifolia, Isopogon Mauve, Kangaroo Paws, Waratah, Yellow Bells, Berzelia berry, Black-Berries, Brunia, Coffee Beans, Cotonaster berry, Hypericum, Lotus Pods, Pepper Corn, Privott berry, Poppy Pods, Snow Berry, Tetragona Nuts, Vibernum Snowball, Byfield Fern, Leather Fern, Umbrella Fern, Foxtail fern, Retro Ming Fern, Tiki Feern, Raphis Palm, Mini Monsterio, Cordyline leaves, Dracena leaves, Anthurium leaves, Soft Palm fronds, Golden Cane Palm Fronds, Gymea leaves, Flax, Dry Lotus leaves, Skeleton leaves dry, Heliconia, Beehive Ginger, Bixa Nuts, Anthuriums, Bird of Paradise, Cows Udders, Crab Claws, Hanging Heliconia, Cattleya Orchid, Cymbidium orchid, Phaelanopsis Orchid, Mokara Orchid, Dendrobium Orchid, Singapore orchid, Pink Pineapples, Siam Tulips,  Dodda Vine, Bamboo, Blossom, Garreya, Cork Elm, Forsythia, Golden Ash, Lichen, Magnolia branches, Twisted Willow, Pussy Willow, Rosella, Paulownia.