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Highlighting Our Best-Selling Flowers for Gold Coast Delivery

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During these unprecedented times, more and more people are staying home while trying to maintain relationships with friends and family. In many cases, this includes a nice gift or delivery to let that person know you care about them. Others are sending Get Well Soon flower arrangements to loved ones dealing with illness or injury. If you have an occasion to celebrate or simply want your loved one to know that you care, now may be the right time for an online flower delivery order!

Botanique is staffed by your most knowledgeable florists across the Gold Coast, providing fresh beautiful arrangements, and a variety of gift hampers to meet all your delivery needs. If you’re not sure where to begin, keep reading for our five best-selling flowers, then be sure to buy in order to schedule your online flower delivery!


There is nothing plain about this Jane! This flower arrangement is composed of cymbidium orchids, gerberas, and lilies, providing a fresh gift for nearly any occasion. You can choose a variety of colours, and your recipient will love the fragrance of their orchids and blooming lilies. Make a lasting impression on your first date, provide a touching gift for a family member’s big day, or brighten up someone’s day if they are feeling unwell. No matter your needs, the Jane from our Gold Coast florists can make a great impression!

Cymbidium Orchid Gift Wrap

Are you looking for a truly stunning floral arrangement from our Gold Coast store? Botanique offers our Cymbidium Orchids, featuring nine or more flowers plus greenery and gift wrap to accentuate each colour. Your recipient will love the bright colours and fresh arrangement. You can order the Deluxe size for more than 20 blooms, decorative sticks, and a glass or ceramic vase. Keep in mind that these flowers can last up to three weeks with proper care!

Oriental Lily Bunch

Beautiful, rich, and fragrant, our Oriential Lily Bunch in pink is available at a special price to cover a wide range of needs. Customers love how beautiful this flower arrangement is, as it is enhanced by our easy ordering process and fast delivery services. Your loved one will enjoy their bouquet of oriental lilies, surrounded by tropical foliage and wrapped in an elegant ribbon to add to the visual beauty.


Show your loved one just how much they mean to you with the Sweetheart flower arrangement, featuring beautiful accents and dynamic colours to truly lay on the love. These Gold Coast flowers arrive in a wooden wine box complete with a soy candle, small bottle of wine, and a variety of add-on options.

The King

With a humble name like this, you can expect nothing but the best! The King features king protea, succulent plants, lisianthus, and native fillers and foliage to generate a stunning look that is sure to make an impression wherever it goes. These pink flowers are sure to bring a splash of colour into your loved one’s day. Once these flowers expire, your recipient can cut off the succulents and plant them in a small pot or garden to grow new king proteas!

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From welcome baskets with diapers for a new baby to wedding bouquets, gift hampers, and more, Botanique is here to help. Shop our store to get started, or contact us online to speak with our Gold Coast florists!

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