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New Eco Friendly Natural Baby Hampers Now In Store And Online

Posted by Hannah Hughes on

New Eco Friendly Natural Baby Hampers Now In Store And Online

We have just added 7 new baby hampers and gift to our website, 5 of which contain our new range of eco friendly and natural baby nappies, wipes and products.

Eco BabyEco Baby:

Is the first of this new line and includes a small arrangement of seasonal flowers, an Eco Store Natural Baby Product, Tooshies by TOM nappies and wipes displayed in a natural wooden box. 

Natural SnugglesNatural Snuggles:

This hamper includes 3 Eco Store Baby Products (Moisturiser, Shampoo and Sleepytime Bath), Tooshies by TOM nappies and wipes, 2 pairs of cotton socks, 2 cotton singlets, 1 cotton bib, a brush and comb set, a super soft teddy bear and some fresh orchids. 

Mother Nature GreyMother Nature Grey:

The 3 following hampers include 2 Eco Store Baby Products, Tooshies by TOM nappies and wipes, a beautiful soft teddy bear and a small arrangement of seasonal flowers in a natural kraft box with lace accents. 

Mother Nature BlueMother Nature Blue:

As Contents Above

Mother Nature PinkMother Nature Pink:

As Contents Above

Frankie Boy BoxFrankie Boy Box:

A beautiful large box arrangement of seasonal flowers with a super soft teddy bear. Flowers include roses, sweetly frangranced lilies, carnations and chrysanthemum disbuds and will be sure to last and last. 

Frankie Girl BoxFrankie Girl Box:

As Contents Above


ABOUT THE NAPPIES: Tooshies by TOM sustainable nappies are soft and gentle on little bottoms and kind to the planet - your babies' future playground. These nappies are made with naturally derived materials, wherever possible.

ABOUT THE WIPES: Babies' skin is ten times thinner than adults, and as such, is sensitive and prone to irritation. Tooshies by TOM premium textured wipes give a pure clean from head to toe. They are fragrance free and fully biodegradeable. Made with plant-based, organic ingredients, including aloe and chamomile, a Tooshies by TOM cleanse nourishes and smooths your baby’s delicate skin.


Renewable sugarcane plastic: Our bottles are made from renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Safer for our environment: With proper greywater systems in place, the wash water from your baby's bath can safely be re-used on your flower gardens, lawns and trees. Suitable for septic tanks.

Sustainable manufacturing: Our baby shampoo is made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards in our ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certified factory.

All EcoStore Baby products are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, enviromark, soap free and 100% recyclable. 

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