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Love Card Messages


Love Card Message Ideas.


Compiled below are some of our favourite Love Card Messages.

Flowers and gifts can be sent to convey a message, here are some ideas for love, choose from the list below and add it to your order.

Find a Love card message from the list below and add it to your order.

 Love Card Messages:

-          “A rose for each month”

-          “Roses are red, violets are blue, have a wonderful day, because I love you”

-          “I wish I was there to see that beautiful smile on your face right now, your love warms me like the sun with every day I love you”

-          “I will always love you, to infinity and beyond”

-          “I love you because you are my best friend forever and always”

-          “I hope you have a lovely day and don’t forget to stop to smell the roses, love you”

-          “This message of love has travelled past a pride of lions and through a river of crocodiles. Remember that love has no boundaries. “

-          “I love you so much and really hope you get better in time for our date this Friday”

-          “You left a lasting impression on me I can’t forget”

-          “Love never fails, I love you so very much, for now and in the future”

-          “Love you beautiful”

-          “I can’t wait to marry you today, you are going to look so beautiful. Love you so much”

-          “Because I love you”

-          “Just in case I don’t tell you enough, I love you”

-          “I dearly appreciate everything you do for us and I love you more than words can explain. Thank you for everything.”

-          “7:30pm be ready, PS you will need a jumper”

-          “I love you a little bit times 1 million and 1”

-          “This is only just the beginning”

-          “Have I told you lately how much I love you?”

-          “To the most awesome girlfriend ever, love you lots, your boyfriend xxx”

-          “When you smile it sets the world alight”

-          “Charmander’s are red Squirtle’s are blue, If you were a Pokemon I would choose you.”

-          “I’m gonna marry you. Plan your life accordingly.”

-          “I’m the girl/boy your ex will hate, the girl/boy your mother will love and the girl/boy you’ll want to be with forever.”

-          “Sending some love into your day.”

-          “There’s no remedy for love but to love you more.”

-          “If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a teardrop because I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips. I will love you always and forever."

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