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Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy Flowers - Sympathy Gifts - Funeral Flowers

Flowers are a sensitive and caring way to send a difficult message of sympathy and condolences to an acquaintance, friend or family member at home or to a funeral service. When families or friends are separated by distance, flowers are also the best way carry a goodbye message to a funeral service. 

For The Casket - Sympathy Flowers

australian-native-funeral-flowers-for-coffin.jpgEtiquette and tradition stipulate that close family members (next of kin) of the person passed will often choose flowers for on top of the coffin/casket as a way to give a last gift to the deceased and we have heard back from family that during the service they have been grateful for the love that a funeral spray carries with it and fondly remember the fragrance of the funeral flowers for many years to come. Flowering plants are sometime chosen for their significance of blooms like orchids for an orchid lover for instance knowing the plant will flower at the same time every year.


For The Service - Funeral Flowers

Flowers to decorate the church, chapel or graveside are also usually chosen by close family with the purpose of adding life, fragrance and colour to the funeral service. For open casket viewings before or during the service it is not uncommon for a small fragrant flower posy or nosegay of flowers to be placed in the hands of the deceased if female or a buttonhole flower if for a man. Sometimes remembrance candles are lit to symbolise the gift of life and simply to dispel darkness.

For The End of Service - Sympathy Flowers & Gifts

Some families will choose single roses or rose petals for each of mourners to place or sprinkle on the coffin as a parting gift during the service and to say last goodbyes or send a prayer. Other goodbye gifts often provided by family for mourners are white helium filled balloons to release into the sky or white doves or butterflies after the ceremony as a symbol of releasing the deceased’s’ soul into the next realm or celebrating their life by releasing brightly coloured helium balloons.

For After The Service - Sympathy Gift Baskets

australian-flowers-gold-coast.jpgAfter the funeral it can be helpful to send a sympathy gift basket, gift hamper, or food hamper to the wake or to a work office or flowers to represent you if distance is a hurdle. When families stipulate ‘no flowers by request’ or ‘donations to a charity’ it is still appropriate to send a sympathy gift basket or food hamper to the home instead of or as well as donating to the family nominated charity.

Funeral Wreaths

The meaning of flowers is also important to some senders and often a circle wreath or open centre wreath is chosen to celebrate the ‘circle of life’ or ‘endurance of love and life after death’. 


In some cases floral wreaths are made into custom made shapes like a plane for a pilot, hook for a fisherman, guitar for musician, teddy bear for child, heart for a mother or any shape you can think of. A good florist will be able to create these ‘life like’ custom made shapes given a little extra time. Choosing flowers that are significant to the person that has passed is regarded as respectful and thoughtful and often senders will choose the deceased persons favourite flower or colour to celebrate and remember their special time together. Botanique Florists in Gold Coast Australia have over 30 years of experience with condolence and sympathy flowers & gifts. We specialize in delivery of thoughtful and respectful funeral flowers and sympathy flowers. Place your order online for same day delivery to all Gold Coast localities, Churches, Chapels, Cemeteries & Crematoriums, Funeral Homes and Funeral Directors.

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