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Interesting Flower Facts From Your Gold Coast Florists

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As you may know, we are passionate about flowers and the art of floral arrangements. While many people view these plants as simple decorations to liven up a room or as gifts to express love, we see them as a fascinating part of our world that holds many mysteries and triumphs. There are over 400,000 known types of flowers across the globe, and many more that are yet to be discovered! As the premier florists for the Gold Coast, Botanique loves the fun and mysterious nature of flowers. Customers can benefit from our online flower delivery services for whatever occasion they are celebrating, from simple kitchen displays to bridal bouquets.Today, we’ll look at a few interesting facts surrounding the flower.

Eat Your Flowers!

Flowers are actually more useful as sustenance than people think. One uncommonly known fact is that broccoli is technically a flower. Along with cauliflower and cabbage, this family features small flowering buds that will grow, open, and disperse to continue to thrive. Farmers tend to let the broccoli plants grow to full size but harvest them before the flowers start to open. Broccoli can also be pollinated, as it has both male and female parts. While the chemical composition renders this flower unable to reproduce with itself, bees can lend a hand to help the process.

Dandelions are flowers that hold uncommon value. Low in saturated fat and cholesterol, this common weed holds a major advantage for people seeking more vitamin A and K in their lives. Dandelions are also packed with vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, and so on. While not as beautiful as other flowers, this common plant is worth more than its weight in gold.

Worth its Weight in Gold

Tulips were introduced to Europe almost 500 years ago. These bright beauties were coveted for their rare color qualities, giving rise to tulips becoming the status symbol for wealthy individuals. Holland, in particular, was reaching its Golden Age after achieving independence and therefore was ripe for overpriced flowers. The 1630s in particular saw skyrocketing tulip prices that could equal more than a decade’s worth of income for skilled workers. Tulip mania was termed for this period, where tulips were easily worth more than gold.

Smells are Overrated

The world’s largest flower has made global headlines in the last year, and it wasn’t for the pleasant smell. The Titan Arum, also known as corpse flower, is a massive flower that also happens to smell like rotting flesh. Hailing from Sumatra, these beasts can grow up to ten feet high. While fascinating, these flowers have evaded mainstream use (possibly due to the horrible smell!).

Flowers are captivating creatures that hold many benefits and mysteries for humankind. Anyone searching for flowers online will be more than pleased with our selection. Botanique is proud to be your top florists along the Gold Coast. From top-notch gift hampers to stunning floral arrangements, we supply it all with same day delivery. While not as interesting as dandelions or corpse flowers, our comprehensive inventory has all of the options you need for your unique needs. Shop our store or contact us today!