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Learn About ANZAC Day With Our Gold Coast Flower Shop Part 2

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April is always a time of remembrance and commemoration for our armed forces of the past, present, and future. As the 25th nears, many Australians are planning their activities for ANZAC Day. From dawn religious services to marches and celebrations, there are many ways to honor our fallen heroes. Flower arrangements are a major part of this special holiday, showing your love and support for those who sacrificed all to keep our country safe. Botanique knows all about flowers. Since 1966, our florists have happily offered same-day delivery of the freshest and most vibrant flowers along the Gold Coast. From bridal bouquets to delicious gift hampers, our flower company is here to provide you with the highest level of quality for any occasion.

ANZAC Day is celebrated in many ways, including flowers for their symbolic meaning of loss and triumph. Today, we’ll highlight a couple more plants that represent respect and remembrance for our veterans. When you are ready to look through the best products, be sure to shop with us for your same-day online flower delivery.

Flanders Poppy

While the name suggests that this flower is located only in Flanders, the truth is that this poppy was prevalent all along the trenches and battlefields of the Western Front. Popular belief dictates that the action of stomping, marching, and fighting along Western Europe actually germinated these poppy seeds, causing a major growth of these blood-red flowers. Ultimately, the Flanders Poppy became a symbol for the bloodshed that took so many lives.

The high levels of disturbed soil across Europe led to prolific growth of these red poppies. After the war ended, these flowers were collected and sold as a means of raising financial support for those that suffered injury throughout the conflict. The Flanders Poppy is widely known and recognized across Australia, showing respect and support for both Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day.

Commemoration Wreaths

One classic way to remember our fallen heroes is to lay a floral wreath at their resting places. The composition of this floral arrangement can vary, with some wreaths consisting of rosemary while others are woven from laurel. On ANZAC Day, it is also customary to utilize red poppies to show your respect and remembrance. The correct way to lay a wreath is to approach the resting site or memorial with the wreath in your hands, pause for a second, lay the wreath down, stand to attention, and then fall back a step to allow for a time of reflection.

There are other flowers that are used to commemorate our soldiers’ sacrifices throughout history, including the Gallipoli Centenary Rose and the Lone Pine. Both have rich histories tied to the land that took so many lives, and today, we continue to honor these traditions.

Regardless of the season or holiday, Botanique is here to provide what you need to celebrate life, love, and loss. We deliver the freshest and most vibrant flowers to Gold Coast residents between Tweed Heads-Yatala and Mount Tamborine. Browse through our beautiful inventory to find what you need, or contact us anytime for assistance!