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Preparing For Winter Planting With Your Gold Coast Florist Part 2

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While the winter months for many are a time of bundling up and keeping dry, others will be putting in the effort outside to optimize their gardens to create a truly stunning display of sights and scents. Australian winters create soil conditions that offer the perfect time for planting, and here at Botanique, we’re all about the process. As an online provider of flowers to the Gold Coast, our florists work tirelessly to supply top-notch flower arrangements and gifts for people everywhere. Whether you need a stunning bridal bouquet or a chocolate-filled gift hamper, our experts are here to deliver! In our last blog, we focused on a few quick tips to help with the winter gardening before you start planting away. Today, we’ll continue this topic by discussing several flower varieties that can thrive in the winter environment to produce a beautiful display of color come springtime. If you are looking for a comprehensive collection of flowers in the Gold Coast area, Botanique would be more than happy to help!

Loving Lavender

This well-known flower actually originates from the Mediterranean, where wind and a sparsity of water can be a common occurrence. Lavenders are actually known to be abundant during the wintry season, constantly growing and flowering. Placing these flowers in the more drained part of your garden will result in a beautiful display of purple. Be sure to plant your lavender in open, sunny locations to best promote their health. Proactively pruning about twice a year (after flowering) will prove very beneficial as well. Once pruned, be sure to add in a fertiliser to promote optimal re-growth.

Pretty with Primrose

This flower, also known as Primula obconica, is here to brighten up your winter with a variety of stunning colors. Primrose only lasts through one growing season, providing a small window for you to enjoy it in bloom. This soft, delicate flower is ideal for brightening up your gardens or home’s interior with pots. Be careful, though, as this plant can be toxic to anyone who touches or ingests it. The hairs on the leaves may also cause allergic reactions. However, the white, pink, magenta, and lavender shades of primrose provide fragrance and beauty during the colder season.

Luculia for Life

Natively found in the Himalayas and southern China, this genus represents one of the most interesting flower options available. Providing an amazing fragrance, the Luculia family holds renown for its smell as well as its stunning physical display. Gardeners will know that great risk comes with a great reward. The key here is to provide steady and consistent care, as the roots can prove to be very temperamental. As such, many people struggle with keeping the roots from freezing and overheating while maintaining a warm surface temperature for the flowers. If you are pursuing this pretty plant, make sure to provide quality soil and some extra water to ensure that everything is growing smoothly. Whether you’re seeking Luculia gratissima or Luculia grandifolia, planting one and caring for it can prove to be very beneficial once winter hits and your garden is now blooming with an irresistible perfume that comes with a gorgeous display of color. Proper care can equate to a flower that thrives in this climate.

No matter what your flower preference is, our temperate climate is ideal for active gardening during the winter months. Creating a beautiful space that is as aromatic as it is beautiful can provide a sanctuary during the colder season. How many flowers are in bloom during this time? So many that we will continue this blog next time by discussing a few more flower varieties that can transform your home or garden. Are you looking for online flowers want to skip the gardening process? Our experienced florists can help! Botanique is proud to offer a comprehensive inventory of beautiful flowers and gift hampers to give our Australian customers the best experience possible. If you happen to be perusing for flowers on the Gold Coast, feel free to shop our floral inventory here before making your order. Questions? You can contact us for help with any and all floral needs!