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Using Your Gold Coast Florist For The Perfect Wedding

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When it comes time to celebrate your big day, only the best will do. Brides-to-be are presented with a huge variety of choices for how to best accessorize with the wedding’s theme. When you’re planning to hire a Gold Coast florist, give us a call! Botanique is your source for the best floral arrangements and deliveries. With over three decades of experience, we can provide expert assistance to make your big day as perfect as possible. Today, we’ll cover a few of the most popular wedding flowers. With so many floral choices, the only limitation is your imagination!

  • Hydrangeas. These fluffy flowers are perfect for those seeking a vivid display of colors. Universal and vibrant, these hearty plants are sure to brighten up the room and complement any floral arrangement.
  • Tulips. A classic choice for any wedding, tulips embody love and happiness. Available in a wide range of colors, tulips are versatile flowers that can be utilized in nearly any situation. From the bouquet to the tabletop, there’s no going wrong with tulips.
  • Roses. An even more classic option at any wedding, roses symbolize love and romance. Often vibrant and fragrant, these flowers are a safe bet in beautifying any aspect of the wedding. There are literally thousands of varieties of roses across the globe, so finding the perfect one is entirely possible!
  • Orchids. Another heavy hitter for delivering beautiful aesthetic qualities, orchids come in different varieties to match your wedding’s presentation. As your Gold Coast florist, Botanique has beautiful orchids on hand to help accessorize for the big day. These classy flowers embody beauty and grace.
  • Peonies. The peony has become the modern go-to flower for today’s brides. Soft and touchable, peonies represent happiness and are a surefire option for arranging a beautiful bouquet. While these flowers are visually stunning, their strong fragrances can be hazardous to those with more sensitive noses.
  • Lilies. Whether you’re looking for the vibrant calla lily or it’s larger cousin the arum lily, you have a choice of colors and styles to choose from. From the magnificent bouquet or a classy boutonniere, lilies are a surefire way to bring beauty and grace to the ceremony.
  • Flowering Eucalyptus. With its long leaves and fluffy structure, this flower can be ideal for those wanting a geographically relevant wedding. Available in bright colors, these plants are dominant in the Australian landscape and are sure to brighten up any wedding.
  • Gardenias. A classic flower that embodies beauty and style, the gardenia is a staple for any wedding. A key benefit for many people is this flower’s intoxicating scent. Gardenias can be the perfect addition to your bouquet or an ideal candidate for a corsage. Again, those sensitive to such fragrances are cautioned to keep away.

No matter your style and preferences, Botanique can help. As your premier Gold Coast florists, we strive to exceed your high expectations with our professional procedures and gorgeous products. Weddings are a major milestone in any person’s life, and procuring the best floral arrangements will have guests raving for years to come. Contact us today to see how we can brighten up your ceremony!