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Easy Tips To Keep Your Flower Arrangements Fresh

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As the premier provider of stunning flowers for the Gold Coast, Botanique strives to bring the most value to each dollar spent in our online store. Our flower company provides a wide host of services, from delightful hampers to stunning floral arrangements. Every product meets our high standard of beauty and quality, and we’re ready to deliver everything to our Gold Coast customers. When you purchase any of our online flowers, you’re receiving a beautiful package that is sure to make any person’s day. After arrival, many happy residents go to great lengths to preserve the beauty of their received gift. Today, we’ll look at a few tips that we’ve collected through the years to help with the endeavor of preservation. While those superb flowers look great on arrival, time will work to weaken their allure. Try one or more of these tips today to keep your flowers fresh and vibrant.

  • Cut stems. Over time, your flower’s stems will close up and seal off from the surrounding area, minimizing the water uptake of these thirsty plants. Be sure to regularly check and trim the edge of your flower’s stems to foster hydration and long-term health.
  • Focus on cleanliness. Your new flowers are very susceptible to to harm from bacteria and other harmful agents that may be lurking in that dusty vase. Be sure to thoroughly clean your container with soap and water before use. Some people will use bleach to be thoroughly sure that all harmful agents are eradicated. Botanique recommends soap and water as a minumum, everything else past that is based on user preferences. Clean, fresh water is also useful for keeping your flowers looking fresh. Make sure to add in cold, clean H2O when it comes time to display your flower arrangement.
  • Keep it clean. Be vigilant for any foreign substances that may fall into your vase our storage device. A flower’s leaves, for example, are ripe with harmful bacteria. Simply cleaning these out of your vase can do much to elongate the life expectancy of your flowers’ beauty.
  • Hydration diligence. Your flowers will drink and absorb water at different paces based on the flower’s type and environmental factors. It’s also important to remember that more flowers equates to more water demand. Checking the water level is a major part of preserving your arrangement’s beauty. If the vase goes dry, all of your best efforts will be wasted!
  • Location, location, location. Picking the correct spot to display your new flowers plays a big part in health and longevity. Breezes and temperature can work to cause premature damage to your flowers. Many people are excited to place their new display in the front window, only to find that direct sunlight has caused early wilting. Warmer temperatures lead to more timely issues, so it’s best to keep your flowers in a cooler space. Weddings are a common event where this rule is always in full force. While putting your bridal bouquet in the fridge may seem weird, it’s very helpful for keeping everything pristine!
  • Avoiding home remedies. The internet is booming with do-it-yourselfers who are constantly testing new aids for your flower display. From household bleach to aspirin tablets, everyone has a “fail-proof” method. While some of these home fixes do work, a majority of them can actually do more harm to your flowers than good. We recommend sidestepping these advanced techniques and working with the recommended products.
  • Utilizing plant food. From online flower delivery to in-store pickups, plant food packets are a common site. These plain packets are designed to provide the absolute best for your flowers, including nutrients and water cleaners. In our experience, using the recommended products has delivered proven results. No need to get fancy when the basics will do the best!

Taking care of the flowers in your Gold Coast home can provide an extended period of vitality and beauty for all to enjoy. While home remedies have shown promise, sticking to the basics and taking proper care to follow the above tips can elongate the life expectancy of your flowers. If you’re in need of online flower delivery, we can help! Botanique stocks the best products for the best results. Shop our inventory of online flowers to find the perfect choice for you!