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Learn About ANZAC Day With Our Gold Coast Flower Shop Part 1

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As April 25th nears on the calender, many Australians are planning on commemorating soldiers of the nation who sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms and rights of all citizens. While originally remembered as a day of mourning for the 1915 landing upon the shores of Gallipoli, this national holiday has evolved to remember all of those who served. There are many ways you can celebrate this hopeful event, including marching with your family and attending a dawn service to show support. One way to show your respect and gratitude for ANZAC Day is to utilize meaningful floral arrangements. Botanique is proud to deliver the best flowers to Gold Coast customers, providing same-day online flower delivery and decades of experience to ensure you receive the absolute best product.

This day, though, is all about remembrance for those who have sacrificed it all. Today, we’ll highlight the two flowers commonly associated with ANZAC Day, as well as the roles these plants play in celebration. If you’re looking for beautiful bouquets and the freshest cuts, be sure to reach out to our online flower company today.

Where did ANZAC Day Come From?

On April 25, 1915, forces known as the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) joined in the allied expedition during World War I with the objective of capturing the Gallipoli peninsula. For eight months, ANZAC forces met stiff resistance from the Ottoman Empire, resulting in over 8,000 deaths for Australia. While the conflict ended in a stalemate, the bravery and sacrifices of our fighters became a holiday, celebrating our force’s tenacity and courage. ANZAC day now involves commemoration for all Australian forces.

Marches and religious services at dawn are integral elements of this day. Another aspect of ANZAC Day that still holds tradition this year is the ANZAC biscuit.

ANZAC Biscuits

During the War, friends and family members would send food to encourage their fighting forces. In Australia, the need to create a food product that was able to remain edible after long trips across the water led to the development of a sturdy bread known as the ANZAC biscuit. Today, this bread product is reproduced to remember our traditions and values from this critical time period.

Another way to show your support and love during this major holiday is to provide flowers that provide support in their symbology. One exemplary flower is the wild-growing Rosemary.


This perennial herb grows in the wild on the Gallipoli peninsula, making it pretty clear why Rosemary is a major part of ANZAC Day. Rosemary has often been tied to improvements in mental clarity and memory, and is commonly tied to remembrance and loyalty. For this holiday, the geographic and symbolic value of Rosemary provides the perfect vehicle for showing respect and remembrance on this holiday. If you are in need of a sprig of rosemary for this holiday, the veterans with Legacy Australia and the Returned and Services League of Australia will likely be handing out flowers.

Next time, we’ll continue this topic by highlighting another plant and flower arrangement that can both help in remembering the sacrifices of those that fought for this country. If you’re in need of bridal bouquets, gift hampers, or anything in between, our experienced florists will be happy to help. Contact Botanique today to learn more about our Gold Coast flower services.