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Preparing For Winter Planting With Your Gold Coast Florist Part 1

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As we cruise through the autumn months here, the winter season is nearly upon us. While other parts of the world can enjoy a peaceful wintry time by focusing on other endeavors, Australian florists will receive no rest. Our mild winter climate consists of sunny days and cold nights, creating an ideal atmosphere for planting flowers. Now is a great time to get your green thumb dirty, as the plant life at this stage focuses on growth over out-blooming any competitors. Creating your own winter garden can prove to be an aromatic and stunning experience. As a premier flower company, our staff is as eager to see your garden thrive as you are! Botanique is proud to provide the best flowers to Gold Coast customers, delivering stunning flower arrangements for all settings and events. Whether you’re questing for a stunning bridal bouquet or simply browsing for a fun gift hamper, our flower company is here to help! Today, we’ll look at a few pointers that can help in your winter planting campaign, along with a few types of flowers that can shine in these colder months. If you’re in need of flowers on the Gold Coast, Botanique is here with same-day online flower delivery for all occasions.

Pruning and Protective Practices

Properly snipping and pruning your roses can prove to be very beneficial when the warm weather arrives again. Cutting out excess stems should help in producing healthy flowers. Be aggressive here, keeping your framework limited to only a few main stems. Once bare, hydrangeas, wisteria, and grapes can also benefit from this practice. When you are finished cutting back the unhealthy sections, be sure to treat the area properly to protect against diseases and pests.

Flowers that activate for the spring will also be actively growing during this time. As such, it is recommended to keep spring bulbs and other winter-flowering species watered up and properly fertilised to ensure the best product come springtime.

Certain types of flowers can thrive in this colder climate. Some of our favorites include:

Winter Roses

Also known as Hellebore, these flowers are easy to grow and do not demand a major part of your time our resources. Consisting of pretty markings and a shy flowers, Hellebores shine best when planted in shady areas that allow some light penetration. This way, you can keep everything protected and dry will the winter sun helps with growth. Once summer ends, you can take advantage of the less-intense sunlight and heat by pruning back the overhead leaves. These versatile flowers last forever and can be used for many purposes.

While planting and gardening is a fun activity, we understand that the process is not for everyone. If you are seeking quality flowers from an experienced florist, you’ve come to the right place. Botanique is here to provide fresh and stunning flowers to Gold Coast customers for all of their needs. If it has to do with flowers, chances are that our experts can help. Next time, we’ll look at more flowers that you can plant in the winter months for the best success. Feel free to shop our comprehensive inventory of online flowers here or contact us today for answers to any and all of your questions!