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What Are the Most Popular Gold Coast Flowers?

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The Botanique team sends out our Gold Coast flowers all over Australia. Many of our items can be delivered to any town or suburb in Australia. Because of that, we're working with flowers all day, every day, and we absolutely love it! There are some flowers we see more than others, though, because they are so popular with our customers. So what are the most popular flowers in our Gold Coast floral shop? 

Discover Our Most Popular Gold Coast Flowers


Fragrant, exotic, and gorgeous! Orchids are one of the perennially popular flowers in our Gold Coast shop. We have a number of arrangements that put these flowers on display. 


Soft, beautiful, and sweet! We use lilies in a variety of our arrangements, often pairing them with roses or daisies for a truly striking display.


Classic, elegant, and wonderful! Roses are still a top seller in our Gold Coast floral shop. Whether it's in a friendship bouquet, a get well arrangement, or a dozen red roses declaring your love, you can't go wrong with a rose.

Find Your New Favorite Gold Coast Flowers Today

Looking for something new and special to send to someone you love? Botanique will help you find the perfect flowers! Get in touch with our Gold Coast florists today and let us give you some suggestions. Whether it's one of the above classics or a flower you've never heard of before, we're sure to find something that's special. Get in touch with our team today!